Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cross-Country & Valentine's Day

Hi guys!! This is my first blog. Yoroshiku!

Today, we had a cross-country activity...Very TIRING! i dropped dead when i finished it "=.=.... was fun though running and bumping into friends and teachers. But overall, i didn't get in the 50 fastest dude's list. Well, never even had a chance since Form 1. Get this, who runs for 3.5km during valentine's day?LOL.

HAHA! caught ya! bringing handphones to school. Lol, i brought mine too. Well, this is after the cross-country race. That's my friend Vanessa, listening to music from her ipod. So cool, i wanted an ipod too >_< These dudes are my friends. Lol, they looked as if they're scared of a camera "=.=. Anyways look at the table. There's a bouquet!! OMG lol. Valerie bought this for herself "=.=. During this cross-country activity, she and I had an intense race among ourselves. In the end, I lost T_T due to a muscle cramp at my right

Conclusion of cross-country race from Form 1-4:
Form 1 : Valerie won
Form 2 : Valerie won
Form 3 : I won (FINALLY!)
Form 4 : lost again..dammit "=.=

Hope u enjoy my first post! >.o I'll keep this blog updated now and then. If i have any grammar mistakes, do forgive me because I'm in a rush. XD~

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  1. Chean Ying~~~~~

    Jann here ^^ cool first post you got there

    Irasshai to Blogspot then ^^
    keep on updating,i'll be sending comments awkay ^^

    ja ne~