About Me.

Hello there, you ready for some tl:dr biography?

Before I start my rant, here's a heads up on how my name came from.
The Name Reigan Eventine, Where It All Started.

Well Well, after reading that. I shall proceed introducing myself.

I am a fan of Vocaloid, NND, anime and manga. How do I get around with these weird hobbies you ask?

I'm sure every Malaysian around my age are well versed that back in the 90's TV2/TV3 used to air animes such as DragonBall, Sailormoon, Samurai X and others. I watched quite an amount of those animes and pretty much that's how I got to where I am now. But back then of course I wouldn't know what's an 'anime' and brushed off DragonBall as 'cartoon'.

Years after that, one of Astro's channel, AXN started airing animes during 5pm - 7pm. And that's how I got to know 'anime' more and get more addicted to it. Fushigi Yuugi, Duel! Parallel Adventures, Grandar Musashi, Cooking Master Boy, R.O.D, Ayashi no Ceres, Sakura Wars etc, I really enjoyed it! Craving for more, me and my siblings started lurking around the net to find more animes. But then, our access to internet is really limited so did not learn much about this great subculture.

Roughly around Form 2, Animax Asia started around that time if I'm not mistaken, I even stayed up 12am for Animax's opening lol! I remember clearly that Yu Yu Hakusho was Animax's first show that day, oh, how I sat at the couch with kira kira eyes lol.

After some time, Animax kept repeating animes and I really wanted to watch new and latest ones so again, hitting up the internet for some!

Beyond this point, you can probably guess how I went.

Around Form4, I started to learn Japanese myself, since hey look, Japanese is a pretty cool language, no? And 'sides, I won't need subtitles anymore if I can master this myahahah! /shot. Started learning Hiragana and Katakana, but after memorizing these two, I felt demotivated to continue studying Kanji due to exams.....orz

And then Form 5 came and its the year for SPM (dum dum dum). I didn't had much chance to surf the internet. In the end, I was actually addicted to Korean dramas. Picked up a few Korean words too! (Whoever tries to curse me/talk behind my back, ya know, I do understand some Korean lol)

And its also around Form 5 that I first got to know Vocaloid. Listened to some good songs here and there, got addicted to it, got lost myself in NND. So once again, mustered up some courage and decided to learn Japanese seriously(again w). Really wanted to get the latest Vocaloid news so heck, I gotta learn this language!

I was also a huge fan of Shounen T (if you noticed, my blog has a lot of stuff about him LOL). I stalked read his blog posts, forced myself to read the kanjis and search up online dictionaries for some help, and of course, picked up Japanese slang along the way lol. In addition to that, I started twitter too and my twitter timeline is filled with Japanese, so, the same process, forced myself to read it. And basically that's how I got myself to learn this awesome language! (You can do it too you know! :D)

Well here I am, just finished my first year in university as an accounting student. Finding a balance between my hobbies and my studies, finding a way to get to Japan (lol), meeting new people, finding more karipap stalls.

Oh by the way, I love karipaps. And I admit that I do have quite high standards for a good piece of karipap. Beware, you have been warned! Wish to be my friend? Drop your comments! or or..just offer me a piece of karipap will do :D

p.s: I have no idea how to write a biography, I'm not doing this right, right? lol


  1. No wonder you didn't reply to the post I made in the other blog. You've already got a new one! ww

    1. Eh? Which blog? o.o?? I only have this personal blog

  2. i want to be your friend....i shall stalk u ~ muahaha!!!

    1. You are my friend already, no? =3=

  3. Yeshh finding a way to japan too!!