Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Rewards.

Reigan in the house!
How are you all doing? As usual, I'm rotting in front of the computer~ XD!

Last Saturday, some friends and I attented SMK Munshi Abdullah's PIBG meeting. It was, well, boring until we got our rewards for our PMR results. I received an amount of money for my results XD! Spontanious! Simply spontanious! Lol...*squeals* Anyway, here is the picture of my certificate XD.

This is the certificate. And of top of the certificate, thats the reward. $o$. Lol, I ain't tellin' ya da' amount!

This is after the going-up-stage-get-prize scene. Lol. That's my friend Ming Hui, both of us had 6 A's in our PMR. I know I know, I'm DAAAAAM ugly lol.

Viewers comments :"Let's crop out the face at left and keep the one at the right."

Lol, i'm guessing that's what u wanted to say. XD.


Oh yeah, Abingdon Boys School's single will be out tomorrow. Make sure you guys get a good grip on that single XD. I'm prepared for it. I hope it will be a bang in Japan too.

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  1. wahaha i know the amount!! xD haha~ hey how come my face isnt in the pict? xD lol anyway you're not daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ugly..you're daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn cute and sweet ^^