Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Day At The Cinema

Labour Day= Holiday! A few friends of mine decided to gather at Malacca Mall and watch a movie. Too bad, quite a lot of my friends didn't came. So, only 5 of us went. Oh by the way, we watched Paul Blart : Mall Cop.

Around 10am, Eugene arrived at the mall first. Then I arrived and so did Yee Qing. While we were waiting for the other two, we decided to go for window shopping at Parkson. Parkson was like, so damn empty -_____-. After walking rounds and rounds at Parkson, we headed to the top floor where the cinema is located. We arrived at the cinema and guess what, even the workers at the ticketing counters haven't even arrived yet. "=.=. Bummer. Thus, we three stooges walk to Jusco, which was opposite to Malacca Mall. We headed straight to Popular first. As what otakus do, I browsed through the anime section, only to find that there were not even a single anime that I wanted there, bummer. Later, Valerie Loo came and joined us at popular.

After that, we left Popular when my friend, Vanessa called us to meet up with her. So, we went back to Malacca Mall and head to the cinema. There, Vanessa joined us and somehow, Yee Qing and Eugene wanted to watch The Sniper in all of a sudden, bummer. After me and Valerie's persuasion, they decided to watch Mall Cop. *phew*.

After purchasing our popcorn and drinks, we wait for the time to pass. And so, I was bored and took out my camera to grab a few pictures of us. XD.

This is me and Yee Qing.
*The clock strikes 12pm* Yipee~ Let's enter the cinema. Surprisingly, the cinema was empty. *wind blows, swoosh* While waiting for the movie, we got up from our seats and played at the cinema. Lol, running here and there was fun in the cinema. XD. After awhile, the movie starts. We grabbed our seats and enjoy the movie.

We laughed our hearts out while watching this movie. It was hilarious. XD

When the movie ended, we went to Jusco AGAIN and went for window shopping AGAIN!. But soon, we decided to end the day.<_<..After awhile, my mom came to fetch me and we headed home~


  1. wahhhh you go there without inviting me..eheheh xD lol jk jk..who's Eugene? O,o do i know him?

    Mall Cop? gosh i wanted to watch that..what's your rating?

  2. haha..Eugene is the handsome boy from 4sn 2...mayb u dun know him >_< as for mall cop... i give it a 8/ was quite enjoying XD