Friday, May 29, 2009

GACC 2009

Hi! Reigan resumes blogging ^.^ Miss me? MISS ME?! Aww...Pity you. lulz, don't mind me.

As stated above, GACC 2009 is coming! Kya! It'll be on 15 and 16 of August. Can't wait for it because last year I didn't attend due to food poisoning. What a bad time it was. I was hospitalized last year.~_~ Who wanna go to GACC with me? Alvin, Eleanor must go with me >_<. MUST AH! If not I strangle you XD Jef, if you can, attend this >_<. Sure damn fun. I went the year before last year. It was a blast. JANNAH!!!JAHHHHHHHHHHHHH wanna go? :)

Oh, I will not be in Malaysia for next week. Vacation muahahaha. But I'll still blog. Depends though. ^-^ *runs to play games*

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