Sunday, June 14, 2009

~My Trip to China~

Ah, a week at China has been quite an experience. I actually went to China before, but I didn't stay in an apartment at China. (wth?)

On 03.06.2009, me, my sis, my mom and my grandma took a cab early in the morning to head to the airport. The time was 7:45 when we started our journey, and so, we wait and wait and of course we had Mcdonald's (yum). After having our meal, we grabbed our seats on the plane. We sat on a Boeing 777. *chuckles* screens in front of ya babby!. Lol, I wanted to watch some great movies but none of them meets the likes of mine. So eventually, I picked up the controller and chose the game section :). *browsing rows and rows of games* *gasps*.........TENNIS! WEEEEEE <3. And thus, I spent my time playing tennis for 3 hours+. crazy huh......After losing almost every tennis match (i sux), we finally arrived China(Shanghai). Oh yeah, due to H1N1, there were health inspectors comin' into da plane and check our temperature. They dressed up like astronauts "=.=. I thought I would see those kinds of costumes only in dramas. *laughing*.

Overall, the food in China was a no no for me. "=.= Too oily, greasy, sometimes tasteless, odious at times. *vommits* I actually had a chance to try China's KFC. You're probably going wth right now....."=.=. I ordered a set of Chicken Burger, it contains a fruit juice, a chicken burger, and some unknown vegetable shit.(lol) It costs RMB23 !@##$@@#@$ shit!. It's so damn expensive. Not to mention the buns at China, not tasty at all and every bun costs at least RMB5. That's at least RM2.50. Scary.

1 day, we went to a shopping district that sells cheap and fake stuffs. My motive : buy a pair of NIKE Shoes XD! and...I bought it. It's in silver colour. <3 It's not really cheaper than shoes that you find in M'sia. Those pair of silver shoes cost around RM25+. Quite expensive too. But at least I didn't buy shoes from some supermarket. The shoes that they sell in supermarket is ridiculously expensive. Guess how much it costs and I'll treat ya something. XD Tip: it's above RMB100.

Oh yeah, we went to a zoo too. Haha, it's been awhile since I went to a zoo. But this is an insect zoo of some sort.(I forgot). A whole tonnes of lizards, bugs, tarantulas, snakes, fish, chameleons <3 and FERRETS!. Me and my sis grabbed a whole lot of pictures. But I won't upload them for the moment. I'll write another post and upload a few pictures of'em. I'll upload everything in my facebook.

To China : EAT XIAO LONG BAO! My mouth was aching, tummy growling, saliva drippin' when I saw those cute, small, tasty-lookin' xiao long baos. Firstly, ya eat the top of the bun, then you sip the juice and then eat'em all.XD Simply tasty, nothing to complain about. Oh, expensive though. ~_~

I'll stop here before I go crazy not playing online games/watch anime. I'll write another post next week. Oh yeah, we went to a Singaporean restaurant and the boss claims that in Singapore, people call the dish 'Laksa' while M'sians call it 'Mee Kari'. That's obviously sooo wrong. makes me go wtf.....

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