Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holidays!

Raya Holidays are NICE~! <3 As usual, imma leave my homework till last minute :3 Do not learn from me kids >.o

Oh well, lately I have been trying reaaaaly hard to catch up animes that I've missed for the last few months. Also watching some animes from past years, e.g Darker Than Black, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Sengoku Basara. Well, Sengoku Basara is this year's anime though. ^^. I reaally wanted to finish Darker Than Black before its season 2 comes out. And, the most anticipated anime, (well for me) Winter Sonata's anime is going to air earlier instead of waiting till October, 29-9-09 to be exact. Hope there'll be fansubs groups fansubbing this. XD I hope it turns out good. *crosses-fingers*

Oh! Tomorrow me and my friends will be going to MBO cinemas to watch "Where Got Ghost?" It's gonna be splendid. It's been awhile since I watched a movie. Well, I rejected's Fedie's offer to watch Up that time >_<. I actually wanted to watch Final Destination. But from what I heard it's not that good. 92minutes movie for RM9...It's a bit expensive :P

Anyway, I've started playing back street gears. LOL. "=.= I did it again. Changing games frequently is mah specialty. XD But sadly, not much people are playing that game anymore. Sigh, if there were more players then it woulda been fun.

Okies~ *continues watching Darker Than Black*


  1. Janice, my advise..
    Don't Watch Too Much Anime lar!!

  2. My Advice....Watch more Anime!!!..hohohoho....

  3. for your Info...I'm Alvin Lee...you "hawt" cousin

  4. "=.=..omg..hawt cousin..*vommits* walauE~~oso got blog d ho..haha

  5. Eh...I got no blog ...just have google account...