Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eugene's B'day Party

Ah, well it was last week's news but hey, late is better than never right? ^_^

Well, I arrived quite late :P Hey, don't blame me. I have BM tuition that day. T_T I arrived about 6pm, almost everyone had arrived (shame on me, orz)

Birthday Boy!
I wonder how many kilos I gained that day. The amount of food is ridiculous :3 KFC, barbecue, steamboat with grill Σ(゜д゜;) Trying to control myself not to eat too much by stuffing myself with watermelons O3O

Guys guys! the chicken was awesome right?!

Later in the night, they boys started their Karaoke session while the ladies continue the buffet. Lol, we were so loud. From the outside, it's like an earthquake, but when you're inside, holy smokes it's like a volcano eruption. Of course, being our class's "Jay Chou", Hon Wei never fails to impress me. He sang many of Jay Chou's songs and Lee Hom's recent song and one of Jam Hsiao's song.

And after the girls finish up the buffet and the boys sang their hearts out, it's game time! *Though I didn't play with them, partly because I'm the one with the camera and I don't wanna get wet :3*

Sorry for the shakiness, Kyaamera just can't handle the awesomeness in me. (lmao)

That shot was hard to take. Why? Because of my puny self. ;_; I know I know, I'm short. Reluctant to get wet, me and 2 other friends of mine went inside and decided to make use of the Karaoke. Funny thing is, my other friends playing outside didn't even hear a sound coming from us. My friend said :' Aiyah, we all very shy one mah, sing soft soft can already.' >p<

Group shot! Missing people : me (camerawoman), Sher Li and Cytrine.

Looks like they played until they're crazy.

Holy smokes. *faints*
Now, I'm not les okay?! Con Li is really reaaaaly cool with mohawk <3
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