Sunday, November 7, 2010

ShounenTXSoraru Spaceship CD

November 14th is the day that ShounenTXSoraru Spaceship CD will start sellin'. I wanna buy one >.> Shounen T's Calc. (OAO). They've put up a preview for their CD.

T-kun no koe ii desu yo ne? Ichiban daisuki na niconico singer wa T-kun desu :3

For more info, visit here.

Track Details.
  1. Calc (Shounen T)
  2. Starduster (Soraru)
  3. Little Traveler (Shounen T)
  4. Fake Lover (Soraru)
  5. From Y to Y (Shounen T)
  6. The 9th (Soraru)
  7. No Logic (Shounen T and Soraru)
The CD costs 1000yen which is......


That's too expensive T____T jeeperz I don't even know if I can get it in Malaysia..*sigh*

Oh yeah, I still haven't choose which figma I want. Figma Kagamine Len or Kagamine Rin or Hatsune Miku....

*ponders deeply*

Will talk about Shounen T's live 07/11 someday and I wanna try translate his profile at ameblo >_<... AFTER SPM. grr

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