Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mahjong >.>

Rejoice mates! Valentine's over! *cough* Single.

Today, a couple of my friends came over and we had a few sessions of Mahjong. It's been awhile since I last played, mah aweshum skills are rusting D:

In the end, I didn't won.


Rough translation of T-kun's blog : 15/2/2011

Came back from Taiwan yesterday, nothing much to do so I slept today.

I have to study...

Anyway, nothing happened during Valentine's Day.


I've uploaded a video!

青いベンチ!(Blue Bench)

Even though I gave my best, the song's key is too high haha.

I've listen to a lot of Vocaloid songs, but J-POP are still my favourites!

僕らからのバレンタインとして*, please listen to it!

Even though it's a song about unrequited love....w

How was everyone's Valentine?

*I dunno how to translate D: ...but one way to improve your Japanese is certainly reading blogs. I've improved quite a bit by reading T-kun's. His is simple and easy :D Oh, with the help of Nihongodict.com of course XD


Aoi Bench link (NicoNico desu, a collab with Soraru-sama)

Good-bye Days YUI's song XD

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