Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Back!

Ngaha! And the first thing I'd update is about Tomohisa's (or ShounenT's) album, [Promise]!

Track List
  1. Promise you
  2. Todoke
  3. Pierrot
  4. Orange
  5. As Kimi Boku
  6. fire◎flower
Since T-kun wrote 3 songs himself so i was really excited :D
Well, after I listened to the album, hmmm, how do I say it, I'm a bit disappointed D: I thought it'd be epicly awesome. Oh well, anyway, it's T-kun! (with his awesome voice <3)
Download here :
Credits to jpopayuhongaku for the album!
That's it from me today, gotta catch dinner.
p.s: My favourite songs from the album are Orange and Promise You :D

Working download link at the comments!


  1. omg~ i found your blog when i was looking for t-kun's album~~ and omg i can relate to so much of the stuff you said on your blog. >< hahaha but i think you're better at japanese than me~ i can barely get around niconico xD anyway, thanks for the link~ ^^

  2. erm.... link not working

    1. I found it through google, the link is dead since its been a year it was posted :P

    2. Thanks a bunches, Reigan. :)
      Much appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the link Reigan, but can I have the password please ?

  4. The file has a password.


    How about this? I haven't tried downloading it though since I've got no time ^_^;

  6. Thank you very much Reigan :)