Friday, January 27, 2012

Bai Nian!

Today I'm going to go to my high school friends' houses for bai nian! Been awhile since I last met them (well, not exactly very long, I last met them about a month ago XD) And tonight I'm heading to one of my friend's open house.) I wonder I'll be able to play mahjong with my friends today or not, my hands are itching.

Met some of my relatives over the past few days and chatted about my trip to China. I have to say the most memorable trip was the Xin Jiang trip. I got to climb the mountains, went to a desert, rode horses and camels. Experienced 48 degress weather. It was awesome. How does that place look like?

The view of Xin Jiang from the airplane. It was so awesome.

Muahahahaha /shot

Alright, gonna get ready for bai nian! Ciao!


  1. why didnt come to my hse and bai nian.

  2. hmmm Mahjong
    very fortunate indeed to play mahjong with relatives..
    I have always wanted to do so but i don't think they want to play with me..

    uwaaaah..don't tell me you just came back from China ;o?

  3. @Anne: See how, when i'm free i drop by XD

    @Adeline: No lah, I went to china last year around June :D :D