Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Coming Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming soon! Finally, I'll have a one week break from my studies and I'm going to be heading back to my sweet ol' hometown. and receive ang pau I expect to get fat from all the good food that's served over the new years.

I got an invitation from my friend for her Open House too! Yeay! I get to eat good food AND get to meet my friends too, what's better than that? oh yes cookies

I haven't done real shopping for Chinese New Year's. So far, I only bought a blouse D: sad case. Mom said I could go shopping in Sunway Pyramid but then I was reluctant to buy clothes since they're quite costy, rather spend the money on something else (like figurines *cough*)

Hoshi wo Wataru Shima, sung by 【Ren】, written by Nem and originally sung by Kagamine Len

What's your plan for this coming Chinese New Year?


  1. Ah.. i wish i could be home during CNY
    unfortunately, i can't ;w;..
    /goes sad/

  2. D: Why?! U should go back hometown for CNY!

  3. Well, that's the point!
    I have to go back to my hometown ;_;
    I wish I could have some time for myself, like lazying around without having to meet cousins etc -_-;;...