Sunday, February 12, 2012


Grr, I hate exams. Wait, everyone hates it right? RIGHT?

Exams are seriously a pain in the butt. With that said, I'm still here blogging =3=. I'll be resuming studying after this post lol. Luckily my exams are all squeezed in a week so I can just brush them off quickly and resume my daily activities.

I've received a request to translate Bokura no Let It Be. The short manga related to the song has been cleaned and translated. Now I just need to translate the song, but then, I'll only do it around next weekend (exams orz). Look forward to it. In the mean time, enjoy SN Ratio's 2nd work, Hikari Iro Crystalia feat IA, another techno song. So far SN Ratio's works are quite interesting and it suits my taste, I'll be following them from now on >D

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