Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ACCA, A New Semester, A New Course.

Hello hello! It's been awhile since I last updated huh? (I-I'm busy you know! L-like, playing games and watching anime.../shot)

Oh by the way, a photo of how I celebrate niki's Jitter Doll song hitting 100,000 views. And yes, I was in front of my computer refreshing the view counter till it hits 100,000 XD

Celebrating niki's achievement by eating caramel popcorn LOL. H-hey I'm not rich m'kay!

I haven't posted up pictures of my trip to Tenshi no Cafe, so here's some from my second trip to the cafe! I had matcha ice floss! Brought my one and only nendroid with me lol. Me and my housemates were served by the butler, Gin, I was served by him too during my first visit to Tenshi. Such a nice butler, had light chats with him and that made my trip to Tenshi enjoyable XD

The Green Tea Ice Floss, topped with Azuki Beans.

The silly forgot to ask for membership card during my first visit D: But I definitely remembered to ask for it during my second trip so here it is! Blue in colour XD

The front.

The back of the card, I mushed my name since I didn't use Reigan but my real name instead www.

Oh well, will be going to Tenshi again this coming Sunday and next Sunday for MVP gathering! I do hope Gin serves me again /shot

First class for the sem started today, *yawn*


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