Friday, September 28, 2012

My Birthday Celebration

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who wished/celebrated my birthday, I can't thank you all enough! /glomps everyone.

I've never regretted coming to Selangor to further my studies. It's really a great experience. Not to mention I get to meet my friends from Tarinai Vocaro Kashi and Malaysia Vocaloid Party! Although it is sad that I have to part ways with my high school friends, but we do still get in touch with each other, so I guess all is good :)

I had an early birthday celebration with the guys from Malaysia Vocaloid Party on the 23rd of Sept. Went for karaoke session and makan!! So much fun *w*

I was in a reverse harem!! ww /bricked
It was my first time singing so many Japanese songs in one karaoke session www Memang syok XD Seemed like the guys had fun too!


I'm getting older orz.....One more year and I'm going to hit 20s, this is saddening....NOH.jpg I am still 17 at heart! /shot

I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I'm very blessed to have you all as my friends. It actually started when I first entered Tarinai Vocaro Kashi, get to know a couple of friends there, what's more they share the same interests as me! Last year March I was still at Melaka, chilling out after SPM. Who'd knew that after coming to Sunway, I'd be able to meet the guys from Tarinai Vocaro Kashi (Lero, JHan, Leen, Ratias and Rul!) And then after that I was invited to Malaysia Vocaloid Party and met more friends there!

From Internet friends -> Real friends. How awesome can that be? :3 

Moving along, let's have a look at the presents I received from MVP!

Ratias oniichan's pressie!

Megat's pressie

Sakura okaasan's pressie!

Another shot of okaasan's pressie, okaasan drew a chibi Lily *w* so cute!

Okies, here comes the pressies!

Alfred's present, a Mew keychain made out of soft clay, so amazing, handmade! Arigatou Alfy!! XD

Ratias' present!! Kuroko no Basket postcard and keychain HNNGGHHHHHHHH Arigatou oniichan!

/falls down from chair

Megat's present is the most shocking one, Kuroko no Basket Character Song Solo Series vol.1. omg *w* Till today I still can't believe it www Thank you Megat!

Oh and also, that feeling of listening to songs from a physical CD *w*

Okaasan's pressie! I opened it and poked it for a moment before taking it out haha!

Double domoooooos <3 arigatou="arigatou" huggable="huggable" okaasan="okaasan" p="p" so="so" too="too">

I also received presents from my coursemates!!

Domo plush by my housemate/classmate Tiffany! :D Arigatou~!

And then on the day of my birthday, the girls prepared surprises for me!

Came to class and huge domo came to greet me!! It's huuuuge and sooooft XD Thanks girls!!! Love you all :)

The lovely card by the girls, such a unique card <3 p="p">

My domo collection trippled! I forgot to take a picture with the Domo t-shirt orz....Previously I only have the handbag, pouch and T-shirt. Now look at my collection www

Thank you everyone, I love you all!! /dogezas


  1. We'll do something more radical next year www

  2. Don't worry. Someone took away your grow-up version, so you're forever chibi even though you're in your 20s

  3. Awww that convobook card is so cute and thoughtful!! =3

    orz now i feel bad for not getting you anything (yet) OTL