Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dave's Bistro Bar Grill

And so my waifu, Yui, (in Sun-U Anime Club, we have a family tree, and apparently I'm a guy and Yui is my waifu lol) invited me to go to 1 Utama to try out Dave's Bistro Bar Grill, where everything on the menu is pork. I kind of regretted a bit going there, the bill was very shocking @.@

We ordered one whole lot pizza (it's a 50cm pizza), one Cream Sauce Ham, Bacon and Mushroom pasta and one Cookies and Cream Milkshake.

And here's the Milkshake! Blurry photo is blurry XD

The whip cream on top is omfg !@%^$

And the second to arrive is the pasta.

!@%@#%^ dem fettucini, dem herbs, dem bacon, dem meatballs. After satisfying ourselves with the plate of pasta, here comes the main course.

It's friggin' huge I tell you. And it smells awesome too. 

Another shot, the whole lot pizza is long enough to let you choose 3 toppings of your choice, which I forgot what we had www I think it was Aussie, Dave's signature honey something and smoked salami or something lol.

Overall it is a great experience, but I fear that this might be my first and last visit to the restaurant thanks to the price. Even though the food is heavenly, the price just kills ;w; Unless my parents are willing to.../shot

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