Thursday, July 25, 2013

Medan, Indonesia, Day 2

Hello! It's been awhile since my last post, thousand apologies for that as I was pretty busy with studies, AniManGaki and some drama in between (lol). Well, here's the Day 2 of my trip to Medan! :D

We went over to Berastagi (I think, lol) to visit a small town, some historical places and a waterfall!

On the boat in the morning! Because we're at higher grounds, it was freezing cold as the wind hit our skin >_<. Though it's great passing through the waters of Lake Toba.

Once we arrive at our destination, a few steps away from the jetty and there's a map of Lake Toba. Supposedly it's bigger than Singapore (used to). Hmm, that's big :O

As we head to visit the old tomb which belonged to the Raja (Kings) in the olden days, we passed by this small district which sells lots of souvenirs and whatnot.

A visit to the old tombs of the Batak tribe. Bataks are the people in Indonesia whose religion is Christian. They have actually kept these tombs which belonged to Kings since many many years ago :O

After finished listening about the brief history of the Bataks we wandered around the village walking around the shopping district and looking at local houses.

It's a house! Equipped with puppet play! I miss this, there used to be one temple opposite my grandma's house who does puppet plays :D

Pointy houses indeed.

After walking aroun----- COCOAAAAAAA. I'm so fascinated that Indonesia has cocoa too lol. I'm such an oddball.

Visited a nearby church :) Most people who lived around Lake Toba are mostly Bataks, therefore you can see churches like every few kilometres. 2nd in line are mosques, however I don't see any temples at all. Apparently most buddhists reside at lower grounds? lol but there certainly are a lot when we head to lower grounds (Day 3 and Day 4)

After our visit, we head to our next destination, probably the best place to visit when you go Indonesia 8D But first, along the way to our destination, the roads were hilly, and you can see a lot of coffee trees planted along side the hill.

Yes, coffee trees.

It's the first time in my life seeing a coffee tree!! It looks so different from pictures. I wanted to try Kopi Luwak though, the most expensive coffee in the world,'s too expensive lol


A last snap of the scenery before we head to the Sipisopiso waterfall!

After approximately 1 hour drive, we finally arrived our destination, got out of the car, walked for quite some time, and this amazing view greeted me.

The 2nd time I see a waterfall, and the size of it is waaay bigger than the one I saw in China. 

Eager to see the waterfall up close, we slowly descended the cliff, there's cemented lanes alongside the cliff, leading visitors down to the bottom, towards the waterfall.

Waterfall waterfall! *w*


UWAAAHHHHH. Seeing it up close is amazing, it took about a total of 35 minutes walk from the top to the bottom. Quite taxing indeed. Added the fact that I was actually wearing my heel sandals instead of shoes ._. way to go me lol.

Because of the huge force of water flowing down, the water vapour gave all of us a great big bath lol. All of us got soaked wet in a matter of few minutes.

Le mua after I stayed there for about 10 minutes. It's not obvious, but it felt as if I just took a bath lol.

After we finished oogling at the waterfall, we decided to head back up. And climbing up the cliff, was.....a very taxing thing to do. It took us about 1 hour+ to get back up. I certainly do not want to go up and down twice in a day orz.

Later the day, we parted ways with Lake Toba. We passed by a lot of fruit farms, strawberry farms and also Jeruk.

What's Jeruk? From afar, they look like oranges. We had the chance to go into one of the farms and plucked them from the trees. It's nice of them to have this service, pluck and make your purchase this way XD

Well, on closer inspection of this local fruit....

It's a mini mandarin orange OAO And the best part is that it's sweet! Gorgeously sweet even though they haven't turn fully yellow. And it certainly tastes better when you consume it fresh.

After sampling and made our purchase, we head back to our hotel and rest for the day. Well, that's about it for Day 2, look forward to Day 3! XD


  1. I totally exploded at coffee beans. Yep.

    /shells up in corner I WANT COFFEE BEANS TOO

    Also, fun fact: mini mandarin oranges = jeruk = Tangerines in engrish =D

  2. omg you went to lake toba OwO
    dayum, i really wanted to go there as well

  3. Nice pic and story. Indonesia have many islands to observe (y)