Monday, December 16, 2013

Johnny Rockets Malaysia

Greetings, I do realize that I've been absent for over a month, I sincerely apologize for that (I say this every time lol) After the much awaited opening of Johnny Rockets Malaysia over at The Curve, I had a chance to dine in this American diner restaurant early November.

As me, along with another 3 friends of mine, marched to the direction of Johnny Rockets, we were greeted by a long line of customers waiting for their turn. It was early 7pm so I put my name in the waiting list and wandered around the mall as we wait for our turn. Finally about 8.30 or so, we got a seat inside the restaurant (we were worried if we get the seats outside the restaurant D: )

The very diner-ish decorations! The red black and white tiles on the floor, the waiters and waitresses' uniforms, the furnishing, and the music box! The above picture is a music box-like player situated at every table next to the window. Too bad it doesn't work, it's just there for decoration I believe. It was...very shiny *w*

The song list features all the old '70~'80s songs. Most of which is foreign to me as I'm born in the '90s >3<. But my friends knew a few of them, (I feel young *cough*)

After we placed our orders, I took some quick snapshots. But most of it didn't turn out good though ;w; Sitting next to the window seat made me kind of immobile orz

Their main kitchen counter. 

Our first order arrived, ordered Johnny Rockets' specialty milkshake. It was quite nice, but it's overpriced though. As a student It literally burnt a hole in my purse orz.

As 9.30pm approached, the time arrives for the diner-routine, to dance to entertain the crowd. This is actually one of my main reason for wanting to come here haha. I did took a video but Blogspot refuses to upload it for some reason ;w; So here's the only 1 picture I took. The performance lasted about 15 minutes I believe.

And here comes my order, I ordered a Philli Cheese Chicken Steak. Grilled chicken, topped with cheese and caramelised onion. Side dish are fries and coleslaw. 

I only have one comment about this, the caramelised onion is not thoroughly caramelised!! It's still so white in colour :( The only thing that saved this dish was the cheese. If not for it, I would've totally not liked it at all.

This dish cost a whopping RM23.90. Again, I consider it overpriced with the quality they offered :(

Service wise it was a bit confusing for us. The staff seemed to be blur on some issues. One of my friend's order, the coleslaw had no sauce at all, it was dry, so we asked for sauce, which the waiter gave us the blank and blur face and went back to the kitchen without returning to us. It took us quite an effort to finally get some mayonnaise on her coleslaw. >.> Well, they did try to cheer us up with the sauce-art pictured above, this is a service to all customers.

Overall, Johnny Rockets Malaysia did great in marketing before their restaurant was open, but food quality was only average, I wouldn't say bad either, just...average. Though with the price, I wouldn't actually consider going back. Going once would be fine for the experience, but not repeats. Sorry to disappoint Johnny Rockets fans, but this is how I honestly feel about this place :/


  1. Hi Reigan, you wrote "The red and white tiles on the floor", you mean Black and white tiles right? ^_^
    Ya I agree with you, it's overpriced for some things and only average quality food.

    1. Opps yeah, black and white tiles haha. Thanks for pointing it out XD

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