Monday, April 9, 2012

The Name Reigan Eventine, Where It All Started.

Most of my friends probably wondered why I refused to use my real name on Facebook or at other social networking sites. The reason is quite complicated for me to explain, but its quite simple once you grasp it XD I shall now tell you how my name came about.

It all started a long long time ago, there was once a girl who started to venture into the internet world. Intrigued by the mysterious MMORPG world, she started out as a novice in a certain 2D game

Alright, gomenasai, sorry. /shot

It all started when I first played MapleSEA. I started to play it when it was first launched. You can say I'm a senior player (though was never really that hardcore to begin with, I played Ragnarok and was quite addicted to it compared to MapleSEA)....Initially I wanted to use Reign as my nickname for my character. Sadly, this name was taken, after much thought, I decided to add an 'A' to the name and it became Reigan.

Me: Hey, this sounds not bad! And its cool too!

And there we go! That's where my 'Reigan' came from. As for the Eventine....

The last name Eventine didn't came any time sooner. I was using Reigan as my nickname for more than 2 years before I added Eventine at the back. At that time, I got addicted to Terry Brook's books (the author of the Shannara Trilogy) And there's an Elven King whose name was Eventine from the book 'The Sword of Shannara'.

Me : This 'Eventine' name sounds badass! And I love Terry Brook's works!

And so I added Eventine as my last name! Reigan Eventine! I only started using the name Reigan Eventine when I first played Granado Espada (SG server, I also played this game when it was first released, I was quite an MMORPG gamer back then thanks to my sis.)

And there you have it, where my name originated from ^_^. Many of my friends wondered about it and sometimes its a pain in the ass to explain it lol, and since I know a lot of internet friends, I couldn't afford to change my username in social networking sites to my real name lol. And I guess most of my real life friends find it reaaaaally weird when they asked for my Facebook name ^_^;

Time passed quickly and by the time I know it, its been already 4~5 (or perhaps more? I forgot when MapleSEA was first released :P) since I used this nickname. I guess I'm stuck with this name in the 2D world? Haha.

So, do you find this interesting? If you have any nicknames, care to share how it originated from?

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  1. Naito Ryuu... errr it was the name of my Original Character Night Ryuu whom I then renamed Naito.

    I really love dragons and I love the night sky.

    So my name be came night dragon. It's finally been a year since I started using Naito Ryuu. It somehow stuck and everyone started calling me Naito or Ryuu lol XD

    Thus I became Naito Ryuu XD