Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi! It's been a while since my last post ;P. I was lazy to update my blog. Haha! Anyway, school holidays started and I'm fully enjoying it. Well, I think so. On top of that, I have a biology field trip with my school friends. We're actually going to PERAK and PENANG! YAAAAY!Lol, sorry, i was hyped up. I hope to have a great time there. *crosses fingers*

Last week, I had my lunch at !@#$ cafe. (due to rights reserved, I will not announce the shop's name). I had a plate of roti canai. And guess what, the price is almost the same as Genting's. It was like close to RM5 for just a piece of roti canai and a poor quality curry. You heard me alright, poor qualitty curry. *sigh*. My money flew~~~~~. Ah well, I got to go now, I'll post another post some other time

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