Saturday, March 28, 2009

The End

Hi guys! Lately I haven't been updating my blog. Sorry about that. XD Recently, I watched finished an anime series named Toradora. It was awesome. Really, go watch it.

This is a drama, romance and comedy anime. I loved it very much. This story revolves around 5 teenagers and their romance and school life. The main character, Takasu Ryuuji holds a crush on Kushieda Minorin but later realises that he likes Aisaka Taiga. With twist and turns, this story touched me on episode 23. T_T Apparently, in the beginning of the story, due to Takasu Ryuuji's scary looks, everyone thought he was a delinquent. But actually, he's a guy that cooks and sews! >_< I kinda envy him. Lol. As for Aisaka Taiga, her personality is scary 0.o and she is short(muahaha). Well, I guess you can guess from her name - Taiga that refers to tiger in English. The story ends when Aisaka leaves Ryuuji alone. But then during their school's graduation ceremony, Aisaka came back to the school and luckily Ryuuji saw her through a window and runs to find her. When he arrives at the scene, Taiga hides inside a cupboard and Ryuuji found her. T_T awwwwww............*sniff* awesome anime. Simply awesome.

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