Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulations & Thanks

YAY! I finally forced Fedric to open a blog. Congratulations! Appreciate this post, I specially wrote this post for you. Lol, joking. XD. I'll visit your blog often and mess it up. If you don't mind I do that. Haha.

And uh, I actually haven't thank all my blog's visitors. Well, mostly are my school friends. Many thanks to you all for visiting my blog often and spam comments and or leave messages at my CBOX.

Thank you, my brother(LonelyFrog).
Thank you, Alvin.
Thank you, Reinnaj.
Thank you, my cousin (Anne).
Thank you, Cytrine.
Thank you, Eleanor.
Thank you, Jef.
Thank you, Fedric.
Thank you, Tiramisu (Ricky).
Thank you, Aaron.
Thank you, Willy(<<< tall dude *chuckles*)
Thank you, Sher Li.
Thank you, Jessica.
Thank you, Valerie Loo
Thank you, my piano teacher.
Thank you, Sir Remy.
Thank you, all the practical teachers ( if you have visited this blog).
Thank you, to all whom their names are far too precious for me to remember.

Thank you all! You made my blog happen. You made me happy. You made me keep on going. You made me crave for more blogging. You, thank You. XD

ps : lol, when I read this post again. It's cheeky. "=.=..........


  1. so touching!
    im sobbing~
    haha =P
    rilex rilex XD

  2. wahhh i'm the 3rd? haha how proud i am..haha terharu lol xD thanks to you too reigan dear~~