Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Day At School

Sorry for delaying guys. I was lazy to write. For my classmates, if you hoped to see the pictures I grabbed on 24th April, I'll make a post right now. Lol.

Okay, on the 24th of April, it happens to be the practical teachers' last day at Munshi. Luckily, I brought my camera. Actually, my intentions were simple - just to grab my friends' photos. I didn't knew that the some of the practical teachers would visit our class and grab pictures of us.

For now, indulge my randomness....

This is Jannah (Reinnaj). Happy lil' cutie Jannah.

This is our class photo. I'm the one at the lowest row, the 2nd (from right).

This is our class and the practical teachers. Okay, it was a little.....messed up. But I think you can clearly see who is who.(Get serious!)


Muahahahaha. Okay, This is Alvin. He told me not to put his pictures on my blog. But..well, I did put it on my blog. Now scream Alvin. Scream. Oh by the way, sorry about the water bottle distracting our view from the handsome boy of our class. Lol.


  1. haha.....u look the same what din scream

  2. wei..y ur school Tshirt got so many colour de?..

  3. coz some of us wear the biology field trip's T-shirt and some other wear school's sport T-shirt which we have 6 sport houses.