Saturday, April 18, 2009

Farewell Party

On April 17th 2009, we, 4SN1 organized a farewell party for our teachers-in-training. The teachers have successfully endured the horrible 4SN1 for 4 months and now they're leaving the school. *sob*

We actually had this party planned last minute. We decided to throw a farewell party for them yesterday. Thus, various discussions have been made. Some of my friends agreed to bring kuih-muih and I agreed to bring A bottle of Coca-**** (Copyrights XD). And this morning, all of us paid at least RM1 for the bihun goreng that we ordered from the canteen. I was actually astonished that the canteen agreed to prepare the bihun goreng in such a short time. At around 10.25 a.m, we had our tables pushed to the sides and prepare for the party. Some of my friends decorated the blackboard.

Here...Some randomness!!

Unfortunately, Cikgu Rizwan didn't came due to his health. *sob* Anyway..............We eventually prepared the food and drinks and await for the main characters to appear.

Yeah, yeah, we prepared this last minute. Hey, at least it's proper right? The main course, fruits, drinks are all present. >_<. When the teachers arrived, we applaused and some of us shouted like idiots and, well, we were warned by a teacher next block who was in charge of the MUET exam>_<. Gosh, Muet exam. Thus, 1 by 1 each teacher gave a short yet thoughtful speech. And our representative, Khairi (kya! Chubby!), gave a so-so speech but it was okay-okay.

The above video that I took was when the party just started. (Khairi giving a speech) Sorry for poor quality video >_<, I took it with my handphone. After the speeches, we had an awarding ceremony. This, oh sorry, these awards are for our biology report and best photoshoot competition. My group, Panda Bear won the best folio.That's my group's leader, Nadiah. (Tall dude)

After that, we had a cake-cutting session (lol..poor grammar XD).

Yup, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. TWO cakes. Muahaha. Thanks Jannah!!.
Alas, eating and photo-taking session. (lol, kill 2 birds with 1 stone). Due to lack of polystrene plates, I had to use my own tupperware - hey, eco-friendly right?

Ah.....A photo with all the teachers together. *sniff...sniff* Gonna miss'em. I apologize if my blog is flooded with pictures. (rofl) But I do have more pictures that I haven't post in here so I'll post it elsewhere, maybe my friendster and facebook.

Here's a rare sight.


Ricky looks like he's in agonizing pain and Qi Hang trying to run away from the camera. Lol, I rarely get to capture Qi Hang's pictures. He usually runs away "=.=.

Lastly, I hope that the teachers will have a bright future and I hope that we'll get to meet them some other time. By the way, does anyone have Cikgu Shahera's friendster? I can't seem to find hers >o<


  1. yep i got her friendster ^^