Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Point of Fainting

Today's a Sports Day for SMK Munshi Abdullah, well, the excited me entered the marching competition. We were nervous when the judges came by now and then. O.o....The sun today was untolerable though.

When we, PBSM arrived at our designated place, we stood there and the opening ceremony started. Well, there it goes. Speeches here and there from the teachers of our school and then the Officer representing the YAB gave a VERY long speech. While he was giving his speech, I was unable to tolerate the pain in my legs and I twitched. Later my hands sore, although it was anoying but I still continued to stand like a wood.

At some point, I noticed that my ears suddenly felt blocked. I thought it was nothing so I didn't cared about it. But, as time goes by second by second, my vision began to blur. I thought the hot sun was having some side effects on me and continued to ignore it. Alas, a white image was soon portrayed in front of me and I freaked out. I began to lose consciousness and I felt that my legs didn't have the strength to walk. I reached out my hand to one of the members of PBSM, hoping they would realise my suffering.

Alas, I was brought to a nearby tent for some aid. I drank half a bottle of water and soon felt refreshed. When I was at the tent, many students also had the same experience with me. They all, too almost fainted due to the hot sun.

It was scary yet an interesting experience. Haha, I know you're going to say I'm weird. I actually get to experience a lot this year including the time when I went to the Biology trip, the ghost or human or animal scared me >_<.

Well, in the end, PBSM didn't won the competition but we're satisfied with what we have done. I hope that the authorities of the school would organize this event in the morning, PLEASE! Sport events should be held in the morning instead of the afternoon. I hereby congratulate the winners of the marching competition and hope for a better future for our PBSM.


  1. aww...too bad i couldnt help you out there~ i didnt know you were almost fainting since yeh i was in duty at the tents at the back there..anyway thanks for congratulate us ^^ and congrats to you too for having a good marching yesterday

    and yeh~ i really hoped that they would organize the sports day in the morning ~____~

  2. lol...same here..hate it when they organize it in the afternoon.....sampat punya..rofl