Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Poisoning & H1N1

Oh my gosh, last week I had food poisoning again. "=.= Bummer. Luckily it was a mild one. I remember I had food poisoning twice and I had dengue fever too last year. "=.= Ugh, sucks. So I lie around the bed, wishing to get well and kill some more zombies in Left 4 Dead and hit some notes in O2Mania. I couldn't eat any oily food like biscuits, fried stuffs, I can't even drink milk. Lols, MILKY~~~ T_T. Okay, I sound like a mixed up kiddo. Even though my fever had subsided on Sunday, I still had stomachache every now and then. In the end, I didn't go to school on Monday. And I stopped blogging too. Temporarily :).

Today, I went to school and I heard rumors that our school have suspected victims of H1N1. So most of us wore masks. I didn't brought mine."=.=. When class was ending, they suddenly made an announcement that we have to stay back school for taklimat on H1N1. OMG! After I go kepo ask around who was infected, I found out that it was our school's club - JPA3 which went for a camp at Bukit Katil (if i'm not mistaken). I heard a teacher had been infected too. When I heard the number of students suspected to have H1N1. I was sooooo astonished. 30 students were suspected of H1N1. Kia si lang.
Well, our school will be closed for 7 days, though my exams will be resumed after school reopens.....*sigh*

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