Friday, July 24, 2009


Another Friday has gone and a week closer to my piano and school exam. I haven't even studied anything. Well, looking at books piling up at my desk pisses me off. Seriously."=.=

Well, at least my brother's coming back from UK next week. YAY! He's coming back after a year of study at UK. Miss him soo much. Used to compete in games.Haha. He says he's gonna cook fry mee hoon. Lols, he learn how to cook while he was in UK. *scares to test his food*. Fast fast come back o, kor kor.

Today, we have been scolded very bad by a teacher in school. >_< It was entirely our fault though. While we were in the Physics lab, we were playing and fooling around. Actually teacher had warn us not to break the beaker while doing the experiment. But, "=.= someone did broke it. Sigh, she's always like that. Doing things so lun chun, then never listens to class. I wonder how she can get into 1st class. Anyway, our Physics teacher scolded us. T_T, I gotta take note not to play around too next time.Well, hope that person learns a lesson.

While at the last two period. I had a sudden stomach pain. It was painful until my hands shook a little. "=.= Dunno why. In addition, I felt sleepy too because class was boring. And when my eyes were going to shut anytime soon, the teacher suddenly called me to answer his question. Gosh, I was astonished. "=.= Luckily, I managed to tackle the question and sat down and continue the fight with my stomach. "=.=. After enduring for 1 hour+, class was dismissed and I flew home. Lols.

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  1. Yah...i still feel very sad... tat we r so bad until our nice Physic teacher oso angry with us...