Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another holiday spent, meaninglessly

Well, holidays are almost over and I really haven't done any of my homework. I was lazy okay? >_< My sis just went to Inti University that Wednesday. When I first went to her hostel. My first impression was. "What a small room it is." Oh my gosh, the room was sooo small. If i jump, my head woulda hit the fan. And the walls have tapes all over. Seems that the previous tenants liked posters "=.=. After settling down a bit, we head for lunch at Nilai. We had a normal lunch. Tofu and some vegetables and some honey fried chicken. "=.=, the food wasn't that nice. It's a bit tasteless. Sheesh, Melaka food is still the best. After a while, we head home.

Ah, since that day I'll be sleeping all alone. Usually I sleep together in a room with my sister. And now, the bed beside me is empty. "=.= I had a fun idea. Its kinda silly though. *ROLL OVER TO MY SIS'S BED AND ROLL BACK* WEEEEE. It was so fun XD I sound like a kid. * roll over *

By the way, anybody's playing Archlord around here? I'm all lonely in that game. T_T Anyway, I'm gonna stop writing here and lvl up my character. Later I'm going to read some manga~! Umm.....manga.

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