Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Lazy bum, I Am

Yup, after GACC '09's post I haven't updated this blog. Sheesh. Truthfully, whenever I felt that should update it, my brain discourages me to do so. "=.= Well, lately I haven't really done anything. Just rotting in front of the computer. Flood my mind with games, anime and manga all the time. Oh yeah, I will not post pictures of GACC'09 here because it's a hell lot of time needed to upload it. -____- *read the title of this post again and you'll get it*. A movie? Make the pictures into a movie?! That's even worse. My friend told me to do it and upload it at our class blog. I was waaaay too lazy to do it.

Yesterday, Fedric asked me to go watch Up with him. I was hesitating a little. I decided that if another friend of mine goes, then I'll go. After an hour or so, my friend said he's not going. And so, I gave up that plan. And after that, Fedie seems a bit angry. >_< Sowee Fedie. Next time we go until shuang after your SPM 'kay?

I HEREBY OFFICIALLY QUIT DRAGONICA ONLINE!!! I picked up a new game. Haha, that's me~ I'm actually enjoying playing Archlord Online now. I'm glad that there's an Europe/Asian server. I played before another server until it banned Asian IPs. "=.= shit! Ah well, alright, I gotta go harvest my crops at Farmville -_____- I can't believe I'm actually playing it though haha.

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