Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Help in Dragonica..anyone?

I've been pondering around what to do with my Swordman. I mean, I've decided to become a Gladiator once I reached level 20. But, SKILLS! I really have absolutely no idea what to add in for my skills. I plan to be 50% PVE 50%PVP. Gosh, I mean, some bugs are still around which is a bummer for me :( Hope it'll be fixed quickly. WHAT SHOULD I ADD!!?!?!?!. T_T Help me leh, dun like that leh, help me leh. T_T.

Tomorrow's my piano exam already. Lol, I have nothing to say but to hope for the best. Luckily, today's exam was postponed to next week. Muakaka. But, tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow and the day after after tomorrow exam will not be postponed. Aww, wished I could've had more time to play Dragonica. T_T. But, at least the long awaited GACC is coming close. I've even told my friend to help me buy GACC's T-Shirt XD. I've always wanted one as a souvenir.

Going back to the topic, which is worth more adding, Sword Mastery (from 1st job) or Advanced Sword Mastery ( 2nd job Gladiator)? Then what about I'm Gone Bro and the other skill about Bro? I've seen people adding only some points into it. And also, Wrath of Earth...Do I reaaaly have to add all of it? It's a great skill but it comes with some glitches >_<. If anyone reading this plays Dragonica. Help me please.

pstt psttt Jef, play Dragonica XD!

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