Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lately I haven't been updating this blog. Well, I was busy studying. Well, the exam finally ended today.! All's well ends well!

Last week, I had my piano exam. To be serious, I screwed up my exam. *sob* I could barely understand what the examiner said. And later, I soon found out he was a Scottish. No wonder la! T_T. Shit, totally screwed up man. Now, I just have to hope for the best and wait for the results.

And as for school exam, sheesh! some exams were easy and some were not. Surprisingly, Civic was damn hard. T_T It asked all about politics and 1Malaysia. To be honest, I didn't care about my Civic. I thought they will just ask about 'tokoh'. I didn't knew they would go that far. Oh, there was an interesting question.

" Apakah akta yang membenarkan seseorang ditangkap tanpa dibicarakan?"

And the answers....

A. Akta ISA

You need to think more? Of course is that answer "=.=. I actually laughed at the question till me friend looked at me. Lols.

Today, I totally flunked my Chemistry exam. It was waaaay tooooooo hard. T_T I think 3/4 of my subjectives were wrong. Well, at least my Physics teacher said I scored full marks on my objectives XD!. Yeehaw!

Oh, I finally became a gladiator in Dragonica! I've been waiting it for a long time. Wielding large swords is a must for me. I sound like a guy right now "=.=. Spar = epic!

My highest combo in Dragonica. I actually hit 1000combos, but I lagged and my combo ended. :( I didn't grab a picture of my success. Oh well, maybe next time ^.^

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