Friday, September 4, 2009

My Damned Mouse

So, I started playing a game named osu! It was fun until my mouse went wrong.

Osu!, a point and click game. I started playing it few weeks ago and it is a splendid game :3 *salutes to peppy, the creator* Suddenly, my mouse would slip away and heads for other directions - insane mouse. I couldn't even click properly sometimes because the cursor doesn't move to the direction i wanted T_T. Furthermore, there's a spinning action needed to get extra scores, that even made it worse. T_T My mouse would get stuck and jam and I would fail. *sigh* Yesterday the mouse was fine. Barely slipped, but today, it made me insane. I wanted to break records but it won't let me. *sigh*

Anyway, some pictures of me playing osu! for you all to enjoy....

Heart shaped slider!

Taiko! :3

Imma spin with my Kakashi skin :3

Catch the fruit! game

My best ranked song #119. Oh, did I forget to mention Worldwide? :)

Play osu! with Reigan-chan~

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