Saturday, September 5, 2009

!~What a day~! SweetBerry ice-cream!

Teeheehee, a few days ago, my uncle started a side business. An ice-cream business!~ He planned for quite some time and now the shop's open. It's called SweetBerry at Dataran Pahlawan. It's near Big Apple. I hope that all of you can visit the shop ^-^. I tasted the ice-cream. It was delicious. Haha, I liked the mint one. Remember, SweetBerry's at Dataran Pahlawan!

Oh yeah, today I went to Music City at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Haha, my brother was planning to buy a guitar. So I ended up following him. I went there 'cause I was curious. I didn't go that shop before. I know it's quite famous in Malacca. When I went in, I saw tons of electric guitars and acoustic/classic guitars. Oh, sets of drums were found there too. I eventually found myself roaming the piano section. ^-^ I saw Kawai's, Yamaha's and other brands that I've never heard before X.X I didn't actually tested the pianos though. My house's upper-grand piano is better. Muahaha. <3 my upper-grand piano.

Okay, I gotta resume Osu! haha. Jef, play with me >_<

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