Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sheesh day..

Lately, there's been a cat at our class. KITTY-chan...But we call him ABC (American Born Cat) because he has light blue eyes, which is beautiful. During Thursday, we had him eat bits of bread (lol, my bread >.>) and let him play with some paper ball. Haha, SO CUTE~ a moe cat myaaa~ nyaaa~ So, it chased around the ball and touched almost everyone's legs. lol. On friday, it came again~! lols. We had no choice but to entertain him again whole day. It's actually quite fun to have a cat around the class.

Yesterday, Fedie came to my house. And I can't believe I actually downloaded MapleSEA. Wtf, I oso dunno why I did that. Lols, I think it's because of the new jobs. *sigh* When I started playing. It gets boring back. Now I'm hesitating whether to uninstall it or not. I guess I'm sticking to Osu! for awhile then. Now I even barely touched my Archlord character >_< kyun...

Well, I didn't get a chance to go to Anicom '09 T_T WHY! WHY?! WHY!? This isn't how it supposed to be! I wanna go so badly. T_T Now, I can only hope that I can to go Comic Fiesta this year. T_T

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