Friday, October 23, 2009

HUGE Randomness : )

Ah well, it's been a looong while (yes, a long while again). Well, I'm not motivated to write blogs nowadays...

Last week, me and my mom went to Dataran Pahlawan, Carrefour, to be exact. I just noticed that they ended up shutting down the upper floor of Carrefour. So now, only the lower level of Carrefour remains. Fascinating..

I headed to the bags section and found some preeeeety fashionable bags..but it comes with a price. Approximately RM35 per bag..*gasps* This is waaaay to expensive. Anyway, moving on..Next to bags' area. I found THIS!

Nothing strange right? take a closer look...

Well, you can't really tell in this blurry picture so I'll spell it out for you.

It states :

Anda dilarang meletak apa jua barangan di hadapan pintu kecemasan..Take a look at the 1st picture again. Now it makes some sense to yah! I know a lot of M'sians' have good Engrish, but I didn't expect them not to understand simple Malay "=.=.

So after a good laugh, we went to buy some ice-cream at my uncle's shop, Sweet Berry..Here's some pictures of it.

These are the ice-creams. They're low-fat gelatos, but they are pricy..single scoop costs RM5..ouch..

The next day, we went to TESCO! YIPPE! We decided to go there for our lunch and shop for a little. We eventually decided to have our meals at Shakey's Pizzas. Well, remember a few months ago, that this shop almost went bankrupt? They had no money to pay the rent thus closing the shop for about 1 month. Soon after, their business re-opens and the quality, SUCKS! The garlic breads that they sell there are not made out of BAGUETTE! WHAT IS THIS?! The garlic bread is made out of some cheapskate bread. Oh my gosh, tastes yucky..

What's more, they serve the pizza soo dam slow. We actually have to wait about 15-20 minutes after eating our coleslaw and garlic bread + mushroom soup. Jeez, its pissing me off...Luckily the pizza wasn't bad at all. Glad it turned out okay. If not, my mom will wage war with the workers there.

Oh lastly, I found some Engrish while my mom was paying for the meal.


  1. That sweet berry picture seems like from my fb..

  2. someone boleh jadi cikgu BM already. haha