Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lol Pictures!

It's been awhile since I posted anything. And by awhile, it actually meant a LOOOOONG while. Sorry for not writing. I didn't really have any motivation lately. Well, the only thing that made me astonished is meeting monsters, *ahem* animals in a day. A few weeks back, I encountered a hairy-worm. OMG! I was *eueee-ing* here and there and called for my mom. My mom told me to get rid of it. *gasps*. So I mustered up some of my courage and did something to it. To be specific, I sprayed SHIELDTOX on that damned thing. "=.= You're probably laughing your ass off. Next up! Bees. Yupped, and this time my mom killed it. And the last damned thing that scared me was two iguanas in a drain outside of my house.

Yup, this is it.

And getting to my post's topic. Here are some funny pictures~

Oh, and I finally bought Sengoku Basara! :)

Haha, well that's it for today. Gotta update 4SN1 blog too. Busy busy >.>

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