Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dying Blog IS Dying

Today's the first day of December~! Haha! Well, today Con Li's gonna come my house and bring her PS2.. I'm actually waiting for her to arrive while I'm writing this post. Initially, she agreed that she would've come at around 11am..*peeks at the time* uh..it's 1pm already "=.= Hmm...

Last week I joined some friends of mine and we took off to the cinema to watch A Christmas Carol. The thing is, the whole movie was blur. OMG! Throughout that one and a half hour movie, my eyes were watching a goddamn blur movie. How can MBO do this to me?! I'm their topmost fan here! LOL. The reason is, I couldn't go to Dataran Pahlawan..so be it. I have to watch movies at MBO only. No transport T_T.

The moral of the story (A Christmas Carol)? Appreciate Christmas. Yeap, that's all. Funny eh? I watch till halfway then my eyes started to sting. Lol, blur movie..what do you expect?

After watching the movie, Valerie and Vanessa continued their movie marathon (lol) They watched New Moon. Whenever Vanessa saw an advertisement of New Moon at the cinema there, she'd scream with joy. rofl -_- saw Edward Cullen *SCREEAAAM* gosh..fan girls

Personally I don't like Twilight. Maybe it's good because of the book. But meh, I only watched the 1st movie and I wasted 2 hours and RM9. The first movie was sooo boring. The fighting scenes could've been better. I'd rather stuck myself in front of the computer and watch Naruto Movie and rot.

This morning I had a few rounds of L4D (Left For Dead). Purposely make my gaming room dark dark LOL. -_- Tapi, rasa macam sama je..cheh..

Oh yeah, I missed another awesome ACG event again.. AFA 09 held at Singapore. KANAME-SAMA!! *kyaaaaaa* lol. Saw loads and loads of cosplayers' pictures and I bet it's one hell of an event. Aih, once I enter university, I wonder if I can travel to nearby ACG events or not T_T

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