Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy *late* New Year!

It's been a VERY long time since my last post. And, I DO HAVE REASONS! Or maybe not >:D

I had to leave for China last year and stayed there for 2 weeks. YES! Excruciating 2 FREAKIN WEEKS. Rollin' around the floor whole day complaining about China's internet security system. That means, no FACEBOOK, no BLOGSPOT, no YOUTUBE(WTF?!), no ICANHASCHEEZBURGER!!! Luckily, there's HBO and BS1/2(Japanese channel of some sort) to save me from the horror of China.

Well, here's the thing, after coming back from China, my holy grail, COMPUTAH got spoiled ORZ. Coincidence? Until now, my COMPUTAH! hasn't recovered. Apparently, the motherboard got toasted and now I have to make a choice whether to buy a new computer, or get my bro to customize it. Though I prefer the latter :D

2010, a deadly year for me. Everyday attending school, staring at my homework and looking at my ma reminds me of the word S.P.M. How I wish they'd abolished this stupid thing.I haven't started any tuition classes yet though! YIPEE!!! All my friends started already. Initially my mom said "Start after CNY lah" I was sooo happy. But then last week, she decided to let me start at the beginning of Febuary T_T.

And my school, oh Munshi Munshi. Why thou planning so lauya? Early of Febuary - EXAMS! Mid of March - EXAMS! Who'd squeeze in 2 exams in two months? SILLY and STUPID! Now I just close my left eye and cross my fingers and make a very desperate wish: March exams, please don't clash with GACC.

I'll post some pictures of me and my family visiting Xi An once I get my computer up and working.

P.S : I SAW TERRA-COTTA ARMY!! Hate me if you want to :D

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