Friday, March 19, 2010

America's Storage Clea-- er..Display-shelf-cleaning-day!

What a day. I can't believe I actually took hours and hours just to clean the display shelf which is situated at my living room. It was quite a blast, well for me. I saw some old souvenirs and it brought back sweet memories. I couldn't help laughing at those memories for some reason. It certainly was a sweet time.

First up! I found priceless stuff lying inside that lil' treasure shelf.
This is a Keris made of pewter. PEWTER! I was so shocked when I found this. I didn't even know my house had something like this. I wonder how much does this cost?
These are the dolls that sleeps in that rediculously cramped shelf. There's more to the left though. Hehe >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Haha, found this mini world cup trophy! I remembered that my brother picked this up at the roadside. Tsuna-kun is happy ^_^ Laughing from behind.
The most exquisite piece (imo) in that shelf. This is an art piece carved out of wood. I think it's from China. I can't remember how long this has been in my house though :P]

After cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, I started to place back all these stuff. Observe~
Well, that's it. I didn't took many photos :P. Oh yeah, on Thursday, our class painted the classroom. Was very exhausted and I reached home approximately 5pm. XP The end results were satisfying :D
Ngehehe~! The walls were somehow painted quite ok. The base of the wall was very bad, thus very hard for us to re-paint. Photo by Con Li.

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