Saturday, March 27, 2010

GACC 2010

The last epic GACC has come to an end last week. I bid you farewell, GACC. I've been attending GACC since 2007 and it was awesome. GACC was the first South East Asia ACG event to bring a seiyuu from Japan. 2007 was Tohru honda and 2008 was Masakazu Morita. I love the GACC committee XD.

Moving on..... I went for both days thinking that I could capture more cosplayers and grab their pictures. Turns out I made the right choice ^_^ This year there's more cosplayers compared to previous years. On the first day, they changed the venue. Omg... It was supposed to be held in the Exam Hall of MMU but unfortunately, GACC coincide with MMU's Open Day. So they had to change their venue last minute. They changed to a small hot and stuffy classroom. wth..But on the 2nd day, it was back to normal and it was held at the Exam Hall. Phew, if not I'm gonna die due to lack of oxygen in that tight space =w=. Pictures PICTURES!

Omg, a cute Yuffie XD I wonder who's her parrents O.o
Hetalia - England and Russia. Seriously, this is one of the best cosplays of England. She really looks like England!
L and Kira from Death Note. Awesome OAO
Ngehehehe. Okay I'll stop flooding this post with photos. Just hop over to my facebook and take a look at the photos okay? >.o

P.S : I'm no professional photographer. So expect some low quality photos cheers :D
P.S 2 : Did you participate Earth Hour?

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