Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Post Of The Month

Well, I feel kind of guilty not updating my blog regularly. A sincere apology to my readers. (Pfft, I doubt I have any readers at all)

Moving on, I realized that time pass by very quickly. And when I mean it, I mean it. It's already March and I haven't really prepared anything to face my SPM. These days, I've been thinking about GACC 2010 that will be held next week. Although, it's the start of this one week holiday, I still feel busy. Tuition, class activities, extra moral classes, they're everywhere.

Enough chit-chat and let's let the pictures do the talking shall we? :)
Observe how dangerous our school is.
An attempt at photography using my Kyaamera. LOL. This is shit. Anyway, it's been a hectic week since it's exam week. Sejarah is brainwashing me.
The girls in my class had plenty rounds of Mahjong (^_^;)
Insanity, it's everywhere in my school.

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