Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Vs Valentine's Day!

So you received more ang paus or chocolates? :) I didn't received any chocolates oTL. Anyway, ang paus are pilling up and I'm a happy person ^_^. Since New Year isn't over yet, I haven't opened my ang paus and count the money. Okay, I confess. I did open one or two ang paus XD

On the New Year's Eve, I had reunion dinner at my grandmother's house. Lots and lots of food. Oh RENDANG! I love rendang :O I swept a whole lot of my mom's spring rolls. Though not as much as my sis, we're like competing for food -_- I didn't took any pictures as I forgot to bring my Kyaamera. (yes, my camera has a name) Overall, I had a good chat with my cousin, Anne. She's so sweet and lovely.

Oh, another interesting game I've learned this year. Texas Hold'em pokah! My bro bought a set of poker complete with the chips and two decks of cards. Initially, he tried to teach me and my cousin, Alvin, but we were unable to understanding what he's babbling about. So I literally gave up and left them both. But, on the same night, I went to my grandmother's house and my bro started teaching all of us including my sis, aunt,uncle and my two cousins. After an hour or so of explaining, we started playing. No money involved :) For the first 30 minutes, I was winning big time XD I even got straight twice and pawn them all muahahaha. But after that, my cuzzie started to win little by little. I once chose to bet 'all in' and my cousin followed, but I lost! !@#$% luckily I still have some remaining chips and continued the game. The night ended when my mom said 'stop playing already, let's go back home.' I bet my cuzzie was sad because he can't play poker anymore ^_^

I bought some awesome chibi figure at AEON Jusco's Comic Paradise. And here I thought it was Animetech :( But surprisingly, they have quite a range of figurines to choose from, including Nendroids which Animetech don't sell (I think) Since Nendroids are costly, I chose to buy chibi figurines that costs around RM20-RM30.

Pardon me for the low quality pictures. It wasn't bright enough :( Anyway, I bought a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! set for RM24.90. MY FIRST CHIBI FIGURINES! I'm preparing to buy another set to complete my collection of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chibis. Okay, gotta hop off now to play some Osu! before I go haywire. Ciao

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