Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Dying Blog

Ah, the last time I updated my blog was.....April 11th. Well, not that it matters anymore. Nobody visits my blog, ain't that right? ^_^

Last Monday, it was Teachers Day! This will be my final year in secondary school so I decided to actually go to school on that day. For the last few years, I've skipped and skipped and skipped XD *cough cough*

Okay, a quick roundup.
We assembled at the field and found some shady places to stand/sit. Of course, being the camerawoman, I ought to sit in front ^_^; When the assembly started, I was overwhelmed by what the school decided to gift the teachers. An umbrella. Aye, an umbrella. Oh, not to forget 3 pieces of karipap and a bottle of water for breakfast.

Soon, the assembly started and there goes the speech. Yatta-yatta-blah-blah. Oh! Performances! *readies Kyaamera* O, Indian dance O.o. Well, something humorous happened while they were performing. But I pity the dancer. Her shirt.....the..zipper...*cough* You get it.

Oh, my friend Ming Hui and Valerie Koh performed too. Ming Hui mendeklamasikan sajak and Valerie Koh played the violin.
They're really awesome people. After the assembly ended. my class became janitors "=.= We picked up loads and loads of newspapers.

Time went by and we all took shots of teachers. I think that my class is, weird. We actually gave soaps to the teachers as gifts. Yes, SOAPs as in sabun "=.=.

:D Pn. Koh, my form teacher when we were in lower form. ^_^ At the end of the day, I reviewed the pictures I took. I realized, goddamn I forgot to buy gifts for the teachers D:

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