Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm finally updating this blog ^_^ (ngehehe)

A few weeks ago, I brought along my camera to school. They said they wanted to have a class photo. In the end, we only captured photos of the Chinese students D: We took our photos during moral class. We simply do not have any time to take a nice complete photo T^T

Izzit me or our class just enjoys taking photos? :P
Lol half of my face is covered "=.= damn you CCC!

Recently, I've came to a conclusion that my computer club is just a carefree club. Not doing anything is our specialty. And we abuse Air-conditioners. So while I had time, I did some lil' photoshooting. (note : sorry for poorly taken photos that'll burn your eyes. I simply do not know how to photoshop. Somebody teach me D:)

Had free time so we'd always play Scrabble or Mahjong :D Though I'd prefer the latter.

I'm starting to lay out my plans this past few weeks. I'm going to organize a dinner party at the end of the year for my whole class to enjoy ^_^. Now, I'm in the process of choosing which hotel to have our dinner at. For the moment, Holiday Inn has been eliminated. RM60 per person is killing my wallet. For the worst case scenario, we'll have to choose Hotel Orkid. They have the worst food (or so they say) but cheaper and they have a proper ballroom. I'm in the middle of finding out info from King's Hotel though. Wish me luck ^_^

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  1. cool... reminds me of the time when i'm the treasurer of the computer club... nothing to do yah... half the committees are my gang... and all we do is play games
    P/S: My school was the first to create their own cyber cafe in the school compound... it's owned by my club btw... so that's what we do... play games everyday...