Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shounen T + Graduation

I melted. d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

Shounen T's so cute!! My heart fluttered for a second. Sigh, Does anyone have an account at mixi? I tried registering but the last step about handphone's mail address is bugging me. ORZ couldn't complete that last step. Sigh, I wanna go >.> Maybe he has more pictures there ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

Lately T-kun hasn't been having any lives D: Must be busy about his CD I guess. Oh yeah, November 14th, it's today! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!! T-kun's Calc!! But I don't have the chance to buy it. Sigh. Tried translating T-kun's profile at Ameba's but it's so hard TAT

I'm working on something for my friends. Compressing and uploading photos to hotfile. A pain in the arse! But it'll be worth it. For my friends ^_^

Just another week and we're parting ways. So sad ;_; But, this is just another obstacle in life - or so as they say. Last night, I was unable to sleep at all. Partly because I slept so much in the morning ^_^; I only slept at around 3am.

I kept thinking about graduation. I'm gonna miss my close friends.

Si jing's funny laughter, Jxian's crazyness about prawns, Sher Li's middle-finger-pointing and her "F you!", Con Li's cool face and Valerie Loo's funny gestures when she's talking. It's all gonna end, and the time we spent together seemed so short.

I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna cry either tomorrow or Friday. I'm gonna ask my friends to record a short video and express their thoughts about their 5 years in Munshi. Even if they don't want to, I'll force'em. >.> I'll probably do it myself later in the night, when my mom's asleep.

Tomorrow : "To bring photos of your childhood"
OH THE PAIN!! lol I have to rummage through all the photos?! TAT This is gonna be a long day. I wonder what type of photos should I bring.....ah well, I'm ecstatic to see my friends' photos XD

Till then.



  1. Ah a fellow shounen-T fan I see! (though I'm more of a soraru fan) It's rare to find a utaite fan is Malaysia I must say and yes I'm a Malaysian too. First heard T-kun's voice in a collab with soraru, Tegami. It moved me too tears... *sign* I'm having the same problem at the mixi account too...Oh and by any chance, have you seen T-kuns face before? Or other utaite's? I'm literally stalking them for their looks! Seriously the curiosity is killing me! Oh and by the way congratulations on your graduation! Hope you get into a good colleague.


    Yeap~Shounen T's cute <3 <3 I first recognized him when soraru and ShounenT sang Tegami..I loved it too. Glad to find someone who's also an utaite frens around me are not that into japanese stuff and i'm all alone ;_; hhmm, I haven't seen Soraru's face before >_< his voice damn good XD

  3. Oh I see... Too bad then. I've watch some of Soraru's namahousou but he never show his face... Oh well, at least I finally get to see Tomohisa's wwwwwwwwwwwwww. Quite an ikemen it seems >∀<~~~~~ I'm definately buying that!!! It looks T-kun composed and written the lyrics for 3 of the songs in the album, woot! Ah... utaite is just amazing.... Min Min...ENE...clear...Dasoku...etc etc.

  4. Yeah..Soraru never shows his face >_< I've seen some of his namahousou too..The only picture of Soraru that I've seen is

    Haha, from Shounen T's says Soraru playing monster hunter (if i did not translate wrong) >_< lousy japanese of mine

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  6. Uwaaaaaa! Thanks so much!! Althought I couldn't see his face clearly. Is that so!? Never knew Soraru is the kind of person whos into games. Anyways, do you know what relationship does Soraru and Shounen-T have? I know Soraru sometimes mix songs for Shounen T but thats all I know. I wish Soraru has a blog too (Does he? I'm not sure.) I wanna stalk him too...

    Here's Soraru's blog. I rarely read his though. I only stalk ShounenT's XD

    And it seems that ShounenT and Soraru are friends I guess :D they hang out together once in awhile..when bishounens hang together...

    *nose bleed*