Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Reiganness

I've finally transcribed a short version of Mozaik Roll (GUMI feat DECO*27).

I haven't record it though..still polishing the accompaniment >_<. For some reason, I always play DECO*27's songs on my piano. Maybe it's because his song's accompaniment was quite repetitive and easy to figure out lol.

Yesterday, I finally downloaded and watched Hetalia's movie. I have to say, it actually wasn't that bad :D I enjoyed it. Conclusion: Rome-jiichan, you're the best :D Not to forget that America was so hawt when he's fighting, I wanna get punched by him :D Germany's manliness is the best. England in a red suit? He's too hawt <3

SPM results? Haven't came out, still waiting for the announcement on the date. Geez, Malaysia's government always announce stuff last minute. It's kinda nerve-wrecking and pisses you off for some reason D<

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