Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Hidden - Vocasong, Manga

Hi guys! Today, I would like to talk about amazing Vocasong and manga that not many people notice. Remember, these are my personal preferences!

Today, introducing the new Vocaloid's song, Lily's [Limiter] It's a rock song :D

Music: niki
Illust: tikuwadx-san

I love Lily's voice, I've always thought that she has a voice that's kinda in between Len and Luka. Lily's voice sounds just right for rock songs. Great job niki-sama! Though, I really wish that the illustration could be better D: Stick men for an awesome song is just a little bit disappointing.

Next up, introducing a new manga!

Hitogatana ヒトガタナ by Onigunsou
As the title says, Hito (human) Katana (a sword :P) Merge it together and it becomes Hitogatana.

It's a story about a world where there's technology that enables one to transfer their souls into another body and control that particular body. (androids XD) In the past, Togusa ( The main *cough* hot character) was used as a test subject. He is 'created' to be half Katana and half human. Oh yeah, Katana is something like a machinery to help doing various work in certain industry e.g medicine and of course military wotnot. With the increase of Katana manufactured specially for combat purposes, of course more and more crimes are committed in the city. Thus, an organization was formed to combat these crimes. AKCD or Anti-Katana Crime Division. Togusa, together with his partner Yachiyo and team leader form the 8th squad and fight for justice! *cough cheeky line*

Throughout the manga, Togusa's past is revealed and he seems to be quite a charming fella XD This manga's artwork is great and the storyline's good. The fighting scenes are easy to read and understand, plus there's a little bit comedy to crack you up. I'd really recommend reading this, I'd give it a 4/5 :D

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