Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nothing much to write for today, had a great time with my mom hanging out at Dataran Pahlawan. Ate Secret Recipe's new cake - Green Tea Cheese Cake. Delicious <3




*Cough* Colour Ranger! *Does a pose*

Rough translation of T-kun's Ameblo (Today's):

Today, he went out for shopping..

Had a nice meal --Hokutosei's Hanbaagu (what's a ハンバーグhanbaagu? O.o)

He said it's nice so he hopes that the people of Sapporo gives it a try.

He's going to cut his hair (doki doki OAO!)

He wonders how his hair's going to be like.


Gee, I wonder how he's gonna look like XD. It seems like T-kun cuts his hair frequently eh?

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