Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tomohisa 「Promise」

Today's D-DAY! T-kun's Promise starts selling today~ How I wish I can get my hands on this.

T-kun's [Todoke] MV. Somehow, he looks a bit awkward in this MV haha. He looks cute though <3

For those who wants to order :

P.S : I have found Spaceship SoraruXShounen T CD on the net! (ehehehe) Here's the link!

ENJOY! Now if you'll excuse me..*plugs in earphones and listens to Spaceship CD*


  1. IKEMEN + Guitar + awesome voice = heaven!

  2. okay. my fellow fangirl... could I add you up in Twitter? (*-*)?

  3. sorry, I don't use twitter >_< You can add me at my Facebook account though, leave a msg so that I'll add you. I don't normally random people >_<

  4. I started using Twitter as of today..since my fren are asking me to use >_< follow me at @ReiganEventine